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ILJ – Innovation Learning Journey

The creation of innovations is one of the most important business challenges. For the people involved, innovation processes are oftentimes demanding. Creativity and competence have to work together in order to create new ideas that bring businesses forward. Coaching Concepts has designed the method Innovation Learning Journey (ILJ) in order to help businesses accelerate innovations.

Our method not only promotes innovativeness but also supports the development of necessary competences and abilities of the people involved in the innovation process. It is equally important to mitigate internal and external resistance against the innovation and to strengthen determination and competences for the implementation of the innovation.

For ILJ, we rely on the scientific basis of analogies (metaphors) that stimulate epiphanies which in turn accelerate innovation. Thus, we acknowledge that innovativeness works organically and spontaneously and can only be planned with great difficulty. By using the stimulative power of analogies, we achieve awareness of the situational context of the intended innovation and promote solution-oriented creativity.

We would like to help you with your innovation process. Get in touch and tell us about your particular innovation challenge!

Innovation Learning Journey
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