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ITC – “Integriertes Training und Coaching” (Training and Coaching Integrated)

Coaching Concepts Trainers and Coaches design change and education projects. We think that learning works best when its goals are defined individually according to the needs and ideas of each participant and are then enhanced by positive experiences.

We intend to integrate both premises into learning projects and have thus designed ITC – Integrative Training and Coaching. This method comprises positive experiences on the basis of employing trained behaviour on the job. With ITC, positive experiences are achieved by raising goals step-by-step for each participant individually. In order to meet each goal at a time, participants thereby benefit from coaching programmes which are designed to fit to each particular situation and person. Our aim is to achieve direct results on the level of business operation, in order to employ learning fast, effectively and on the job.

Winning the “Internationalen Deutschen Trainingspreis” (an international award for training projects awarded by Germany’s largest training association BDVT) and our many satisfied customers prove that ITC works. ITC is not a method that works per proxy. It excels in flexibility and its ability to work alongside the customer’s needs and goals. It thus supports the customer’s ideas of change and performance while retaining its effectiveness and impact.

Each of our trainers and coaches has long years of business experience. Along with method competency they meet all the requirements in order to make ITC work in your business.

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Training and Coaching integrated
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