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JIVE – Job Integrated Value Education

The term JIVE already expresses the key aspect of the method. It interweaves the education or change project with the customer’s operative business, as his managers function as corner posts during the method’s translation.

Thus, ‘value’ for the customer is not only created by the goals of the education or change project. Moreover, predefined key personalities develop leadership competences through the method’s design. As corner posts they experience a valorization in the customer’s business. They do so by engaging in transfer partnerships with our trainers and coaches that increase their performance and strengthen their personality. By organizing their co-workers learning transfer they help the project succeed.

The JIVE method was awarded with the “Internationalen Deutschen Trainingspreis des BDVT” with particular regard to the method’s capability of interweaving operative value of the project with the long-term increase in performance of the project’s participants.

Job integrated value education
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